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Monday 30 September 2019, by queinnec

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A "Cookie" is a piece of information a server you are visiting, stores in your computer. This cookie is used to follow you during the visit you pay to that server. The CodeGradX infrastructure uses session cookies (named u, t and c). Session cookies disappear when you close your browser.

When you are authenticated by one of the CodeGradX servers, you can access all the servers of the CodeGradX constellation. The u cookie identifies who you are (technically a light X509 certificate).

Following the GDPR, you may block or remove these cookies. However you will be restricted to the public, anonymous services of CodeGradX. In particular, you may no longer access the programming exercises.

A fourth cookie used by CodeGradX and named cookieconsent_status records your decision concerning cookies. The lifetime of that cookie is one year.

CodeGradX uses Google Analytics that comes with its own cookies.